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Welcome to INDIROOTZ!

If you are looking for traditional wear in most contemporary style at a realistic price; your search ends here. India, as each one of us know that it is a land of very diverse and rich culture. Every region in India is very unique and so are their manners of dressing. What we wear, reflects what we stand for and who we are. Our Clothing also subtly reveals from where we belong.

At Indirootz we collaborate with the actual makers of artistic clothing, accessories, home décor items and share their creation with you. Every time you shop at indirootz, we pledge to share a part of our profit with the artisans, as they deserve to be recognized and valued for their art. Each product at Indirootz is a symbol of rich culture of Indian Tradition and its creativity of a true artist influenced by his/her convention. Many of the art forms are almost dying off, and we need to take every possible step to save the artists and their creations.

Indirootz brings you  handpicked  ethnic wear and accessories that every contemporary youth would love to own and wear. From daily ethnic wear to festival and party wear, Indirootz is a place you can count on.

As art has no boundaries, Indirootz also has reach to all parts of the globe. We ensure easy and affordable items delivered at your doorsteps on time with all possible facilities like cash on delivery, bulk order offers and loyalty program for returning customers.


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